What's my story?

Rob Zawistowski

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Rob, and I'm primarily a filmmaker and video producer with a penchant for cinematography, editing, colouring, writing, and direction. I have an insatiable passion for creation, and have spent most of my life writing and producing music. In 2015, after graduating from BCIT's New Media Program, I bought my first camera, and started to direct music videos.

It wasn't long until I realized how much I loved the whole process of producing beautiful visual content. So, I found a job editing at Basetwo Media - a video production agency with a focus on content strategy and marketing. By leveraging an established skillset, along with learned sensibilities gleaned from years of music production, and visual design I was able to become a versatile and valuable asset. For the next couple years I grew into the world of corporate, and commercial video, all the while learning how to tell better, and more concise stories.

Since then, I've had the privilege to work with a variety of brands, agencies, record labels, directors, producers and musicians from around the world doing what I love the most - storytelling. Alongside this, in the last two years alone, I've worked as a Director of Photography on 4 independent short films.

My main focus is growth. I want to collaborate with you if you're open minded, and excited about ideas. I want to learn with you, and I want to experiment and push the boundaries of visual creativity, and storytelling.

I most enjoy working as a director of photography, but I’m comfortable in a variety of roles including: direction, editing, sound design, colouring, writing, vfx, 2d animation, project management, and producing. I often take on multiple roles at once, and one of my best skills is helping motivate a team with my enthusiasm and versatility.

As a director of photography, I’m comfortable working with a variety of direction styles, and I’m a strong advocate of thorough pre-production, making intentional cinematographic decisions, focusing on narrative structure, and maximizing emotional impact.

I’m comfortable shooting most formats, and have experience with Canon, Sony, Red, Panasonic, and ARRI cameras. I actively keep up with industry releases, and have experience working with a variety of popular lighting, stabilization, and camera movement methods. I have the capacity to work independently with my own gear, or can put together packages for bigger budgets, and love working as part of a passionate team. I have established relationships with rental houses in Vancouver, and I can talk shop with the most discerning gear nerds. I am adept in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Davinci Resolve, Pro Tools, Audition, and Logic. I’m a fast learner and a sponge for knowledge.

Some companies I've worked with: